About Me

Welcome to Beauty with a Twist!

While trying to come up with my own little niche in the blogging world, I thought, “Why not talk about what I know?” I've dabbled in the wine and spirits industry, currently work in the cosmetics industry and freelance on the side!  And that’s how this humble little blog came to be.

Here you'll find my twist on beauty, cocktails and y'know... I love talking about everything to everyone, so get ready.  I've been in love with color since forever, I wanted to be Cyndi Lauper and Rainbow Brite when I was younger (and still do, secretly). Simply put, I've never met a bright color I didn't like. Attending a performing arts high school only fueled my passion for makeup.

As for the imbibing part of the blog, I started bartending when I was 20 years old, and became obsessed about creating the perfect cocktail.  My favorite drink of the moment would have to be a classic caipirinha (just cachaca, sugar, and limes.  Anything else is blasphemy).  Now join me in a cocktail and let's go!