Don't be so Negative!

Hello Loves!

Lately I've been obsessed with negative space nail art, I think it can look so chic! And if you're handy with scissors, it can be pretty easy as well. Today I decided to pair up a couple of my favorite colors from Essie, Chinchilly and Lollipop.

For more details, read on!

What I did:

  • Added my fave base coat (Duri Rejuvacote)
  • Using cuticle scissors & painter's tape, I cut out some triangles
  • Painted the top half with Chinchilly, and the bottom half with Lollipop
  • With tweezers, I removed the the tape
  • Sealed with top coat
While I love the result, I might've gone with 1 coat polishes. I had to do a few coats of each color so it was a little messy removing the tape (part of the polish wanted to come off with it). If you don't want to bother with scissors and tape, try using reinforcement stickers for easy-peasy half-moon nail art, seen here & here. Yay for office supplies! 

What do you guys think about negative space nail art? Yay or Nay?

Let's get social!


  1. WOOOOOOw, so sweet and chic. I'm in love with it

  2. Love the mani and the colors!

  3. Neat idea! Kinda like a mini abstract work of art!



  4. This is my first time ever hearing of negative space nail art. It's definitely very interesting!

  5. That shade of Essie is GORGEOUS. For sure going on my want list!

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  7. wooow this look totally amazing !
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