Mani Monday: Glitter Half-Moons

Hello loves!

For this week's Mani Monday, I've still got neons on the brain! Confession: This look is one from the vaults... A few weeks again, I got super lucky when my friend invited me to Jennifer Lopez's concert in the Bronx! I wanted to do something fun with my nails but what exactly??? So I went with half-moon nail art (one of my fave looks) but with a glittery twist!

  • Using reinforcement stickers, I used OCC Anime (one of my go-to pinks) on my thumb (not pictured), index & pinky.
  • For my accent nails, I used essie Bouncer, It's Me (royal blue). 
  • While the polish was wet, I sprinkled Violet Voss Megan glitter, so glad I picked this up at The Makeup Show!!! 
  • Tapped off the excess glitter and top coated everything.
  • Danced my ass off at the concert!
Pictures do not show how glittery this manicure was... While I didn't use a glue base coat, the removal was fairly easy considering it was pure glitter.

As for the concert? I had a great time! I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez or her singing but the woman is an amazing performer and dancer. The concert could have taken place anywhere but she chose to perform in  her borough (and mine). Hopefully this will bring a lot more positive attention to the Bronx!

Thoughts on glitter? Yay or nay?

                                                                       Let's get social!


  1. I think I may be made of glitter. This is a fantastic manicure!

    1. Thank you, Kele! I know glitter flows through my veins, haha.

  2. OCC Anime looks like it will match the Too Faced Melted lippies or lip tars perfectly. LOVE, love, love the shape of your nails. I want them!

    1. Sounds like it would be a great combo! As for my nails, I started using Duri Rejuvacote and it's made such a difference!

  3. What a pretty color combo. I love love love the glitter!!


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