Pastel Leopard Nails

   Happy Friday everyone! here's a short and (hopefully) sweet post on some nail art I did recently.  Since my camera was one of the first things I had packed away, I was stuck using my cell phone.  

  A while back, I attended IECSC, also known as the Spa Show.  I was trying to show some restraint since I knew I was attending The Makeup Show.  However, there was a China Glaze retailer selling polishes at a great price!  I picked up Light as Air, Peachy Keen, and Lemon Fizz from the Up and Away collection, as well as Keep Calm, Paint on from the Avant Garden collection.  I have to say, the formula on all of these was pretty perfect, even Lemon Fizz.  I also realized that I liked the Up and Away collection more than I thought, having purchased half of the polishes, haha,
  • I used Light as Air (lavender) as a base with an accent of Keep Calm, Paint On (mint green with a slight silvery shimmer). 
  •  I then added random splotches of Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, and my base colors to create my leopard spots.  I didn't want to cover the whole nail so I did half.
  • Once they were dry, I outlined them in black, and sealed with top coat.
That was it! Super easy, right?

Have a GREAT weekend!


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