IMATS NYC (Pic Heavy)

 Mimi Imfurst and I (I look so little!)

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the pleasure of attending IMATS last week.  I had a great time and stocked up on items for me and my kit (but that's another post).  Here are some pics!

 Durga Usagi, at the LIT booth

 the amazing Eve Pearl!

 Kryolan Booth

 contest entry

 some more contest entries

 Mehron booth

 Mehron booth.  Isn't she stunning?!

  MUD booth

 it was insane how real this looked!

 Artistry at work

 Glitter spam from LIT cosmetics!

 some prosthetics

This was so gorgeous!

Have anyone of you ever attended IMATS, or another beauty trade show?  Any tips on how to deal with the crowds?  This time, it seemed so much more crowded and crazy, probably because there were a bunch of Youtube gurus around.  This is the second time I've gone but I would love to check out IMATS LA! 

Let's get social!


  1. Great posts on this beauty trade show. I've never been to one but it looks like a blast :)

  2. OMG I wanted to take a photo with Mimi Imfurst! I didn't even get a photo from a distance lol Look slike you had a blast!

  3. Some crazy and amazing idea's here. Loving the pictures so much. x

  4. I was at IMATS too! I had a really good time and picked up some good stuff! Maybe I saw you and didn't realize it :P

  5. Ciao Bella,
    Love your photos... awesome job!!!

    I love your blog, it is filled with lots of interesting things... just my style... hehehe.

    I started following you, I hope you don't mind.

    I'd love it so much if you also followed me back at, it would really make my day!

    Wishing you a really lovely day!!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  6. I am a high heel and glitter whore. I love this site <3

  7. The make up artist are freaking crazy. Looking amazing peeps. x


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