OPI The Impossible... Ain't that the Truth...

Before I start rambling on about polish... I just found out that Google will be phasing out Google Friend Connect and Google Reader.  SInce I don't want to be phased out of your lives, please check out the sidebar, as well as the bottom of my posts, for different ways to keep up with me!

And now for OPI The Impossible, from the Mariah Carey collection.  It's a Liquid Sand finish and was my only pick from the collection.  As is the sandy texture weren't enough, it also has large hex glitter, micro glitter and STARS (that's what really sucked me in).  I would describe it as a strawberry red, meaning there's a lot of pink on it.  It also has a jelly like consistency, but I was fine with how it looked in 2 coats.

You guys, I REALLY tried to love this polish. Honest.  
I like: 
  •  the sandy texture, especially with glitter thrown in.  
  • I like stars, especially on my nails. 
  • the color red

What I'm not a fan of? 
  •  Thick polish, it meant for a longer drying time
  •  Having to fish for stars (turning it upside down before using helps)
  • Star points sticking up
    I also had another issue with this polish that most of you may not have.  As many of you may know, I work with makeup, especially foundation, all day.  I noticed that foundation would get stuck between the sandy bits and make my nails look dirty.  I would have to scrub my nails like crazy to get it off.  Also the stars would start to stick up, making my nails scratchy, and then would fall off.

Like I said, I really wanted to love this polish but it didn't do it for me.  I would only be able to wear it on my days off.  However, I still refuse to give up on textured polish and purchased some Zoya Pixie Dusts.

What do you think of sandy texture trend? Yay or Nay?  Have you tried any of the Liquid Sand polishes?
Let's get social!


  1. I have tried other Liquid Sand polished from OPI and I love them, I have this one too I just haven't worn it yet. I hope I have better luck!

    1. Let me know what you think about it. Maybe I had a problem bottle?

  2. Despite the problems you had it still looks fabulous on you :)

    1. Thanks, that's what was so frustrating! Once it was on, I liked it.


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