Feline Inspiration

Hello everyone!  Today I don't really have a tutorial per se but I came across an image, and when inspiration strikes, you roll with it, no?  One time, I was having a conversation with friends as to what our spirit animals were.  My choice?  An ocelot.  My reasoning?  They're little, cute and scrappy (like me!) And Salvador Dali owned one, what more could you ask for?  I'm also a bit of an art history nerd, with a huge love of the Surrealist period. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady (animal lover in general) so I was looking at some ocelot images, and thus this exaggerated cat eye was born.

image found at
   I mean, look at that face!

   I wanted to do something that was still wearable so no spots, at least not yet.  I decided to go with gel liner, because liquid liner irritates me when it gets too close to my inner eye.  As for the lip color, I went with MAC Boyfriend Stealer (coming soon!).  Also in the pic above, I'm wearing Benefit Fake-Up as my under eye concealer, which is new product I've quickly fallen in love with.  But more on that later...

Products Used
  • NYX Eyeshadow base in White
  • L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush (gorgeous rose gold) on the lid
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Faint, in the crease
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Venus, under the brow
  • Benefit Brows A Go-Go *
  • Benefit Fake-Up in Light *
  • Cailyn gel liner in Black
   I started off by lining my waterline and then extending the line.  I then lined my top lid as usual, and filled in the rest of the cat-eye.  Once that was done, I carefully drew liner along the inner corner of the eye.  I was going for slightly dramatic look but you don't have to extend it as far as I did.  If your hand is unsteady, or it smudges, you can always clean up a cotton swab and some makeup remover; so have fun with it! You can set the gel liner with some eyeshadow but be prepared for some fallout...
If you have any questions about lining your eyes this way, let me know in the comments!  Also, is there a particular animal/s that you feel drawn to?  Because I can't be the only one...

*I may have received this item as gratis, but all opinions are my own

Have a great day!

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  1. Gel liner ftw! I love the one L'Oreal makes. The Maybelline one just smudges so much for me. You look amazing with that cat eye. Please wear that out at some point :3

    1. Have you tried setting the maybelline one with powder eyeshadow? I will definitely go out with this one day!

  2. This is so pretty! You're beyond stunning xo

  3. This is gorgeous :-) I love your inspiration. Ocelots are awesome and a wonderful choice of a spirit animal! Very beautifully done :-)

    1. Thanks, the fact that it was Dali's pet of choice really sold me on it :)

  4. Very pretty eye makeup.:)
    You look beautiful!!

  5. Gorgeous eyes! But I must admit, I keep scrolling back up to look at the ocelot, lol. SO adorable :) Sounds like that was a fun convo.

  6. I love your interpretation of feline eyes!

  7. I could never do such a line :( The liner looks really smooth. I also love the eyeshadows on you. Great job!

  8. Your liner and brows look so beautiful! I need to try gel liner one of these days!


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