Cirque Epoch...

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend an open house at Arrojo Cosmetology School, where they offering mini-manicures, along with nail art.  Cirque Colors was sponsoring the event, and I got the chance to chat with Annie (who's such a sweetheart!).  I am always down to try out new polish brands and colors, so this was right up my alley.  My biggest problem?  Trying to select a color!

I decided to go with Epoch, a blackened teal/ purple duochrome.  Guys, this color is so gorgeous and only needs two coats.  Since it was the day before Valentine's Day, I went with hearts, using Book of Shadows (a silvery lilac foil).

you can see more of the purple

Here is the impressive part, I wore this manicure for almost 2 weeks.  There was barely any tip wear!!!  The silver tips were added by me, to hide the chips that happened the day before removing the polish.  I am so impressed by the wear time.  As if the gorgeous colors weren't enough...  Epoch is the perfect name, this manicure lasted forever...

Ever had a manicure you just couldn't take off?

You can find Cirque Colors here .  A huge thank you to Gotham Polish for letting me know about the event!

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  1. If I had cirque I wouldn't take it off either! I'm jealous, I still don't have any...someday I'll get some and I'll go big and buy them aaaaall :)

  2. Cute!

  3. Guauuu I love hearts!! I posted a similar manicure for San Valentine so... I think yours is better hahahaha...
    I just to know and ¡¡ I follow you!! Love this site.
    I love too the feline inspiration AGGGRRR!! ;D Kisses from Madrid!♥♥♥


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