Fun with Contouring Part Deux

It's crazy what a little lighting can do, huh?  Remeber when I wrote about conturing using highlighter?  Well, today I want to talk about contouring using cream foundation.  Because sometimes you want a matte finish. Or you hate shimmer (I don't know if we could be friends though).  In this post I'll be using the RCMA foundation palette, which is a staple in my kit.

First I started with, you guessed it, Urban Decay NAKED Basics.  I wanted a neutral eye, that wouldn't take away from the rest of the face.  I used NYX eyeshadow base in White, followed by Venus under the brow and inner eye, and Foxy on the lid.

I then used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and patted Foxy on top of it.

Naked 2 in the crease, blended out with a fluffy brush

And now the fun begins!  I applied my foundation using a pseudo-Beauty Blender sponge.  Once that was done, I used a color 2-3 shades lighter than me to highlight my forehead, nose, lip, chin, cheekbone and middle of the cheek.  Basically you want to highlight the planes of the face.

Then using a shade that is gray/neutral in tone (never reddish!), apply on the sides of the temples, nose, under the cheekbones and the jawline.

I added a little more contrast because the lighting was too bright.

And then BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!  You are now ready to practice Blue Steel - not that I do that...

Let's get social!


  1. Contouring correctly is hard and I think your pictures really helped! It turned out lovely! :)

  2. Contouring looks muddy on me if I take the dark cream/powder into the hollows of my cheeks too far forward. Sadly I have the most elusive cheek bones ever. Heh. Whatever. I only contour for "big" occasions haha! You look amazing with or without contouring :D

    1. Thanks Amanda! The contour powder used makes a huge difference, I agree that there are a lot of muddy powders out there.

  3. GREAT tutorial! This might make my big cheeks look a little thinner. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, give it a go! I'd love to see how it turns out!


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