Feeling DIVINE!

 Why such a title?  Here's is a little known fact about me: I love John Waters (like I luhhhhhhhhh him), his movies (Johnny Depp in Crybaby - swooooooooooon), and most importantly DIVINE.  So when I came across OCC Liptar in Divine, I knew it had to be mine. And thus, this post was inspired...

 Another love of mine? L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow.  The pigment is fantastic, especially when foiled, and I am quickly amassing a collection of them.  I love color of all types but don't really use gray, which is a pity.  After using NYX eyeshadow base, I used L'Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow in Liquid Diamond, a lilac-silver color on my lid.  I then followed up with MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadow in Young Venus, a light shimmery pink, right under my brow.

You  can see more of the lavender shimmer, right?

   I then used LA Splash Diamond Dust in Dragon Dust in the crease.  Dragon Dust is exactly what you would imagine Dragon Dust to be, blackened charcoal with green-gold and multi-colored sparkle, so gorgeous...

I lined my lower lid with black gel liner and patted Dragon Dust on top, see how it changed it to an golden-black?  I cleaned up any fallout, and cleaned the edge of my eye-makeup, so it would look like smoky and winged out at the same time.  I also finished with 2 coats of Benefit's They're Real mascara.  Oh, and I filled in my brows.

OCC describes Divine as "true pink flamingo" (OCC, I see you and where you're going with this description).  Well, when I read the description, I immediately asked via Twitter if it was inspired by Divine and it was confirmed that yes, it was.  It's a pretty bright color, yet pastel in a way, if that makes sense?  Here I've blotted it down so that it wouldn't overpower the eye makeup.  Divine is a bit of an unusual pink, it's not baby pink, not fuschia but has a touch of coral in it.  Just imagine a flamingo and you'll see what I mean.

 Here is the finished product, after slapping on some BB Cream, and bronzer. 

And as a special treat: 

Umm, it's on purpose, people...  Divine was actually the inspiration for Ursula the Sea Witch.  For real...

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  1. What a great example of a look inspired by Divine. It's not too literal and total wearable.

    1. Thanks, Lori Ann. I didn't want to get all Pink Flamingoes, haha.

  2. Girl, I LOVE your eyebrows!

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  4. Wow, your eye makeup looks fantastic! Very dramatic, but still wearable! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks, Yun, it has made me rethink my stance on silvery eyeshadow, ;)


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