What I've Been Up to Lately...

As you may have noticed, it's been a bit quiet around here.  One reason has been because I've been freelancing on my time off.  I've been lucky enough to act as makeup artist for an upcoming clothing line, details to come... I've also got some other stuff up my sleeve as well!  While the official images are not ready yet, I managed to take a few sneaky pics during the shoots.

Above is one of the models, Jen.  I instantly fell in love with her bone structure and wanted to highlight it.

Here is a close up of her eye makeup.  I went with a vibrant, iridescent green on her eyes while keeping the rest of her face neutral.

Here is Su, another one of the models.  I decided to go with soft smoky look, showing off her eyes and her strong brows.

Gotta love strong, full brows!

Here is a closeup of her eye makeup, I went with a coppery/golden for the lid and rust for the crease and corner.  As you can see, I filled in her brows, enhancing their shape.

I also did her hair, going for an elaborate chignon.  However, I'm not formally trained in doing hair, so I'm thrilled it came out as great as it did!

I wasn't able to get a full face pic of Kat, one of the other models, but I got her eye makeup.  I went with a vanilla color on her lid and bronze in the crease (to make her eyes look bluer) as well as an inner eye highlight.

As you can see, I stuck with a mainly neutral palette because I wanted the makeup to compliment the clothing not distract from it.  Once I get digital copies, I'll be more than happy to put them up!

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