The Halloween Look: Venetian Mask (PIC HEAVY)

I am still home since our public transportation system is not working, so why not spend time painting my face?  I wanted something artistic, yet unusual at the same time.  I was browsing google and I thought of Venetian masks. I've always loved Venetian masks, they're so beautiful and creepy at the same time!  I found a few that I like and this look took on a life of its own.  Let me warn you now, this post has a LOT of pics!!!

I decided to do a half mask, but I wanted the "skin" under the mask to look like porcelain.  I whited out the "porcelain" part of my face using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and then used a pearly white pigment as a highlight.  I penciled in the border of my mask using an eyeliner.  I also went over my brows.

I then used Milk all over the rest of my face, included my lips, using a foundation brush to blend it evenly.

Using the same eyeliner, I roughly sketched out the rest of my mask.  Scary, right!

I filled in my outline using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lime.  I wanted an antique golden green so I went with Taylor Made Minerals in Centaur.  I tipped some pigment into the lid and mixed it with some water and applied using a crease brush.  This gave it a metallic effect, exactly what I was looking for!  When I was done, I started filling in using the top part using Taylor Made Minerals in Knockout.

I then filled in the rest using Mattese Elite in Blue Crush, a purplish blue and then using Knockout on the edge.  This gave it a three-dimensional effect.

Using an eyeliner brush, I freehanded some details with Centaur (mixed with water).

I wanted something pretty bright on my lids so I used my 88 matte palette, using the bright blue, purple and pink colors.  I blended them out into an ombré.  I used NYX Liquid Crystal liner in Hip (iridescent glitter), as well as lining my waterline with Milk.

I then outlined everything and added details with black liquid liner but you can easily use gel liner if you'd like.  If I were to do this over, I would probably use thinner lines.  I filled in my lips using Centaur and then layered LA Splash glitter in Champagne Bubbles. 

Since I had PLENTY of time to spare (thanks Sandy!) I whipped out my Martha Stewart glitters and some spirit gum.  You can also use eyelash glue.  Using a toothpick, I glued on glitter so they would look like jewels.  I used the red glitter and the silver holographic colors.  I really think this is what tied the whole look together...

Trying to show off how glittery my lips were.

I could've used fake lashes but I didn't have any crazy ones on hand.  Also I wanted the focus to be on the details.

 A pic with flash so you can see all of the different tones.

I'm going to be honest, this took awhile to do.  I would say about 2 1/2 hours, including gluing on the glitter.  But the end result is so worth it!  You could definitely take a short-cut and use glitter liquid liner, dotting it on.  I can't attest to how long it will last but I'm sure if you use setting spray, it will last all night!  I'm not doing anything for Halloween, I'm not even sure I'm even able to get to work.  And unfortunately, the Greenwich Village Parade has been canceled (first time in almost 40 years!!!)  However, this all seems like such a small price to pay to have my family ok.  I hope the situation gets better for the many others who were severely affected.

What are you doing for Halloween? Dressing up? I wanna hear! 

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  1. This is so awesome you did an amazing job
    Happy Halloween!

  2. That is a beautiful look hon! Great work!! I love itt. Super creative!

  3. loved your two looks! following you now

    1. Thank you so much, Elle! checking your blog out now, xoxoxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, hope you had a happy halloween as well!

  5. Woah, this is so cool! Amazing job! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. haha, it's what happens when you give me some makeup, glitter and time. Thanks!

  6. OMG!!! You did a great job with that mask! I love it! You have great sense of creativity girl. Keep it up!

  7. How did I miss this post! This is AMAZING!


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