Strawberry Lemonade

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all staying cool in this heat (if it's hot where you are), because goodness knows I'm trying!  I'm still utterly obsessed with China Glaze's neon collection...  I thought what better way to celebrate this love than with some water marbling? I've tried this technique with pastel colors, why not neons?  

I originally wanted to use Sun-Kissed, Hang-Ten Toes and Surfin' for Boys, but I didn't think that there wasn't enough of a contrast between Hang-Ten Toes and Surfin' for Boys.   I started over, only using Sun-Kissed and Surfin' for Boys.  

I started off by using Sally Hansen Xtreme nail color in White-On.  What you see above is only one coat!  I love using it as a base because I can cover my nail with one coat, and it's not a thick streaky mess.  Also it's cheap and easy to find.  What more do you want?

Here is how my left hand looked once I was done.  Of course let me start off my saying that this manicure look so much brighter and better in real life!!!  Although while Surfin' for Boys looks orange-coral in the the picture, it is a neon red (like the nail polish equivalent of OCC's Harlot lip tar).  In this manicure it takes on a pinkish color.

 Please excuse these pictures, I wasn't having a good picture day... I hate when that happens.  That combined with a messy clean up = annoyed me.  

This is how my right hand looked.  I love how swirly this came out!  I don't really have a tutorial because 1) it's hard to take a pic when you need both hands and 2) there are videos that are way more adept in showing how to do this.  I think my skill has improved since the last time I attempted this, but I figure it can only get better with more practice.  I highly recommend both these colors, they are super vivid and are opaque and unstreaky in 2 coats (3 if you're picky).  I'm telling you, Sun-Kissed is the stuff dreams are made of (at least mine anyway).

Have you tried water marbling?  Yay, nay?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!


  1. i still havent attempted watermarbling but these colours are really awesome! i'm obsessed with them lately.

  2. Lovely and summery colors - looks great!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Awesome colors!

  4. They look amazing!! I can't believe you did it yourself, well I can because you seem uber talented... but anyways...

  5. very pretty design! I can't seem to get a hang of the water marbling!
    -Imani Love

  6. Water marbling makes a big mess when i try it but ehmahgerd I would totally do it, if it turned out like that!

  7. This is super pretty! I am so jealous every time I try water marbling, it doesn't turn out good for me!


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