Smashbox Be Discovered!

I was lucky enough to win a contest run by Ashley from Big Time Beauty awhile back.  My prize?  A box FULL of Smashbox goodies!!!  Now, I've only used their BB cream, so I was thrilled to get to try some other products from their line.  I received a mascara, an eyeshadow palette and not one but TWO cream blushes!  I was super psyched about the cream blushes, something I've never tried before.

   I love getting notes from people!  Ashley is so sweet, y'all really need to check her out!

Here is one of the blushes, Show Biz. 

 The lightest color (on the right) is shimmery so it's perfect as a highlighter, especially for brow bones. The color in the middle is a rosy pink, don't be intimidated because it blends easily.  The color on the left is peachy color perfect for everyday.

The second blush I got, In Lights.

The color on the right is a salmon pink, again perfect for every day.  The color in the middle is a shimmery nude/rose (if that makes sense) which looks great on its own or blended with the left color.  The color on the right is shimmery as well.  This is meant to be a highlighter,  but is more golden in tone than the one in Show Biz.

   Here is the Full Exposure mascara.  It has the the standard mascara brush.  This the business!  You wouldn't necessarily think so based on the brush. I generally like the comb-like wands, I feel like they separate and reduce clumping.  But as you'll see in my next post, it is amazing!  I like how it has a wet, shiny formula.

And now... the palette.

Another pic of the packaging, I thought it was pretty cute.

A pic without flash.  I like how sturdy this palette feels, it's made of pink plastic.  I only wish the names of the shadows were printed on the back.  As a result, I have to keep the box if I want to know the names of what I used.

A pic taken with flash so you can see the shimmer.

Here are swatches used without primer, no flash.  On the top : Bliss, Rosewater, Opal and Mist.  On the bottom : Adobe, Champagne, Pebble, and Lilac.

Here is a pic taken with flash, you can see the shimmer a lot better.  Rosewater, Mist, Champagne and Lilac are shimmery.  Bliss is a satin while Opal has a pink shift to it.  Adobe and Pebble are matte.

So what did I think about the palette?  I have mixed feelings.  I thought Mist would be similar to Urban Decay's Mushroom, instead it's a silvery brown with a touch of light purple (very pretty). I wish the pigmentation on these was better, you definitely need to use a primer with this palette.  With the exception of Adobe and Pebble, the shadows are soft but you need to use a lot for them to show up.   I don't know if it's because Adobe and Pebble are matte, but they are the hardest to work with.  Although Pebble is now my favorite for filling in my brows (when I feel up to the task).  I do think this palette is very work-friendly, which is great.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Ashley for putting together such a great prize!  I'll have a look up soon using all these products.  Have you ever used Smashbox before?  Any products I should be on the lookout for?


  1. Nice prize...well done you, have never tried Smashbox before...

    found you via BBU bloghop.....come on over and say hi

  2. Thank you! Trust me, the mascara and cream blushes are fantastic! Checking your site out now.

  3. Awesome haul and review! I looove Smashbox!
    -Imani Love

  4. i would of love to have gotten the prize

  5. Congrats on the win! Love all of the products, especially the eyeshadow palette!

  6. OMG those are awesome goodies!!! Congrats dahling <3

  7. congrats, seems like a lot of nice products!


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