Where are my Curler girls at?

                                                          First Time Curler Girl

Let's get down to business... How many of you use eyelash curlers?  I ::wish:: I could say I was one of those put-together people who have time to perfectly curl their lashes and contour and buff everything in place... But lying is ugly, y'know.  Here's a quick game of true confessions:  sometimes I do my makeup on the train.  I know, it's awful but so am I at 8am without mascara. In case you were wondering, my standard train makeup routine consists of  NYX primer, Wet n Wild Nutty eyeshadow, and whatever mascara I'm in deep, undying love with at the moment (right now it's Benefit's They're Real mascara), and some lipstick/gloss.  It takes me only 3 train stops to accomplish,  or 5 minutes for you non-MTA hell devotees.  I leave the eyeliner and blush for when I get to my job...

I try to get down with curling my lashes, but I usually end up leaving it for "special" occasions.  Because there is no way I'm pulling out an eyelash curler out on the train.  Even I have my limits... That being said, I am always looking for an eyelash curler that will make me fall in LOVE with curling my lashes.  One that won't pinch me, leave out my outer lashes, or curl them at weird angles (90 degree lashes, anyone?).  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Once in a while, I use my search engine for good* and I look at at youtube videos.  Other times, great videos make their way into my inbox.  This is one of those times.  Have you guys heard of Lancôme's Le Curler?  They've put up a few videos which have piqued my interest.  Here are a few of them:

Savvy Curler Girl

Blogger Curler Girl

Makeup Artist Secret

Which category do you think you fall under?

Because sharing is caring (and therapeutic!), feel free to share your curler stories in Lancôme's Facebook page. Please don't laugh at mine too hard...

*Sometimes for work, and my own cat-like curiosity, I look up things that may or may not be embarrassing.  Thank goodness, Google doesn't judge me...

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Have a great day everyone!

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  1. well when lying is ugly :D than i have to say that i don't do it. cool post :)


  2. I always curl my lashes, I just find my lashes don't look right unless I do. I just use a pair of ELF ones and I think they were only £3, but they work well x :-)

  3. I worked for Lancome when they launched the Le Curler internally. It's made by the company that makes Shu Uemra's and trust me it is not worth the $23 when you can get the Shu one for like $17. I curl my lashes every day because they grow straight out and it makes a big difference. I use a Revlon one I've had for years and it "fits" my eye which I think is what makes it or breaks it for a lot of people!

  4. I almost never curl my lashes. I find the effort involved does not justify the result lol. :P

    ~ Yun

  5. I use fake lashes so much I forget to use my curler ekkk great post !!


  6. I curl and to be perfectly honest...I use the cheapest curler I can find. I've used more expensive ones in the past and I haven't noticed a difference. Of course I don't do my makeup everyday but when I do, my eyelashes have to be curled otherwise it just doesn't work.

  7. Lol girl bye. Curl my what? No. I gave up on that a LONG time ago!
    And ha! You're one of those girls on the MTA? I always commend you ladies because I couldn't do it. I'm to busy sleeping lol. I'm the girl in the office that walks in with shades, puts her bag down, and heads for the bathroom... to do her makeup! I do have 2 curlers though, one from Revlon and a cheapie one from the beauty supply store... I honestly see no difference (the few times i did use it)

    And Yes, Dippin Dots machine at the south street seaport. Love it!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. I don't curl my lashes because luckily they have a natural bend to them. Lovely blog you have! I am a new GFC follower through the BLT blog hop!

  9. lol I am THAT girl on the train too... I definitely do my mascara and lippies on the go... especially considering the fact that I usually drink my coffee on the go and the lippies always need to be retouched.

    P. S. Just entered the Nivea giveaway, I don't know which product I'd like the most, as I am a huge fan of all Nivea products :))


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