Annnnnnnd We've got a WINNER!!!

   Hey everyone!  This is gonna be a quick post since I'm off acting as nurse to the most difficult patient everrrrrrrrrrrr - my husband.  The mister had to have some surgery on his ankle as a result of an accident.  All I'm gonna say is not only do lemons squirt you in the eye, they also want hide on the floor, waiting to kill you.  Murderous little things...

   However onto bigger and better things!  My NIVEA Bridal Bootcamp contest has ended today.  I've selected a winner through Rafflecopter and the winner is........ (drum roll please....)
 a Rafflecopter giveaway
   Congrats Tifani!!!  Please contact me within 48 hours so we can get this prize out to you!  A huge thank you to everyone who participated, I wish I could give you all prizes!  However until I hit the lotto... may I offer hugs instead?

Hope you are have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


Feel free to comment below, I'll try my best to get back to you!