I know it's been awhile...

impromptu  photo shoot with a peacock,
But I'm back!  Sorry for the brief hiatus, like I said before, I had a guest visiting from Brazil.  I would be doing New York City a great disservice if I didn't show him around, no?  We did all kinds of fun things like the Bronx Zoo, MoMA, visiting St John the Divine (I'm not religious but I'm a sucker for amazing architecture...)  I also attended a Leblon Cachaça event celebrating the legalization of cachaça.  I even managed to go from pink hair to teal and yellow highlights!  And lastly, I attended IMATS. So yeah, it's been a bit of a busy week.

Here is a pic I took of a poster hanging up at MoMA, which is exactly how I feel about safer sex.

Here is my IMATS haul.  I 'm in the process of photographing and swatching everything.  I hope to have pics up soon.  How was your weekend?


  1. very busy! Love the poster & haul looks AWESOME!!

    1. Thank you, my credit card didn't think it was awesome, haha!

  2. omg!! did we get the same colors at OCC??!!! looks like it from here lol


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