Bling Cosmetics' SpotLight Nail Shine in Cleopatra Gold

   When I was at IMATS' , I stopped by the Bling Cosmetics booth and was instantly attracted to all of the lovely, sparkly items in their case.  The collection consists of nail polish, lipsticks, brushes, compacts etc all decorated with hand-placed crystals.  I don't know about you, but I loooooooooooooooove me some sparkle,  so this collection was right up my alley.

   I mean look at those compact mirrors! If that weren't enough, there were also blingy tweezers and even eyelash curlers.  But what I'm reviewing today is their nail polish...

   Bling Cosmetics were nice enough to provide me with a nail polish of my choice to review.   They had a few different colors on display but Cleopatra Gold spoke to me.  And really, who am I to mess with fate?  The polish came packaged in that cardboard box you see above.  

   Not only is the polish packaged in a box, it includes a velvet pouch and a polishing cloth.  I thought the packaging was cute, it's all about the little details! 

   Before I get into the polish, I want to mention something.  Another thing (besides the bling) that sets Bling Cosmetics apart is the nail polishes, lipsticks, and lip glosses are all equipped with a LED light in the cap.  Again, it's all about the details.  I tried to get a good pic of the nail polish all lit up but it was not meant to be.  I will keep trying though!  I thought it was such an interesting feature, it makes me feel like McGuyver.  But now, onto the polish!  

   To be honest, I thought Cleopatra Gold was going to be regular warm gold metallic, possibly prone to brushstrokes.  Boy, was I wrong!  First of all, it's not a metallic per se, it's a CHROME!!!  Second of all, it was completely opaque in 2 thin coats but I went with 3 for maximum impact.  Third, I didn't have any visible brushstrokes ( to be honest, I wasn't even trying to be careful), and it dried pretty fast.  I really love how this looks, it's so shiny and glow-y.  As for the warm gold, I would describe more as a yellow gold/green gold.   It defintely has green tones to it. 

   I've included a pic that was taken with flash, just so you can see the green in it.  It was such a nice surprise for it to turn out to be a chrome, instead of what I was expecting it to be. One thing, chromes are notorious for highlighting nail ridges.  Cleopatra Gold didn't do seem to do that for me, however I used a base coat and my nails are not prone to prominent ridges.  Just thought it was something worth mentioning.

   All in all, I was impressed with Bling Cosmetics SpotLight Nail Shine.  It was pigmented, dried fast and had a good formula.  Pretty much everything I look for in a nail polish.  On their site, they also mention they donate part of their profits to various charities. Also worth mentioning is that they do not conduct animal testing.  SpotLight Nail Shine retails for $25 on their site.  To me, $25 seems a bit steep but am keeping in mind the cost of crystals and having them applied by hand.  I do think it would make a great gift, especially as bridesmaids' gifts (as they are suggesting).  

What do you think of Cleopatra Gold?  Hope you are all having a great week!

*This product was provided by the company for review, however this in no way influences my opinion.  For more information, please view my disclosure policy*


  1. oh how beautiful! and i love everything sparkl-y and bling too XD
    seems you found a really pretty polish there! i hate how most chrome-ish polishes get uneven / you can see those ugly brush-strokes.

    1. Those are my exact problems with chrome polishes, but this one was so easy to work with!

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  3. Oh i love this colour and the bottle all blinged out is amazing!

    1. I know, right? I love anything that is sparkly or studded.

  4. WOW....what a great review. You never know a customers response when launching a new line. Comments like yours go a long-way in spreading knowledge about the quality of our product.Thank you for stopping by the BLING COLLECTION booth at IMATS. Thank you for reading our website and pointing out such important details about charities and no animal testing.....and thank you for such a well written comment.
    Be well and God Bless.
    Simone from The House of Simone

  5. I love this shade on you! But I think it treads the line of good and horrific looking if I were to wear it. But if that's how the gold looks I would be interested in buying the silver I see in the pic. Good chromes are hard to come by. Granted the price tag would make me have second thoughts.

    1. haha, I know what you mean. But it was seriously the easiest chrome I've ever used. Plus you'd be able to paint your nails in the dark!

  6. Nice pictures! I love anything sparkling.


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