NOTD: Hits Speciallità Flocado in Flamenco

   I just received my somewhat massive haul of China Glaze polishes (pics to come) from Victoria's Nail Supply.    Half of the haul were from the Hunger Games collection, I couldn't resist!  However before I go on a crazy swatchfest, let me show you what I've been running around with on my nails.  This summer, I was lucky enough to go to Brazil with my husband and visit with his family.  I really loved Brazil and had a blast over there.  I was even luckier to come across the Hits Speciallità Flocada (Flake) collection.  I came back with about half of them and kicking myself for not buying the other half.   The polishes were all named after ballroom dances, which I thought was cute.

  I decided to go with Flamenco, a cherry red jelly with orange-yellow flakies.  I didn't want to waste it so I applied a coat of Essie Lollipop ( also a cherry red jelly/cream).  I proceeded to apply a coat of Flamenco, followed by Seche Vite topcoat.  Flamenco dried perfectly smooth, and went on evenly.  Not bad for a two coat manicure, huh?  I like how even though there is a base color, you can still see the flakies.   I could've gone with an extra coat for more flakeage but I was feeling a bit lazy and was happy with the result.
Look at the pretty colors! 
   Here is a close up of the bottle.  For some reason, Brazilian polishes are tiny, but this collection was worth it.  I have a few more so I would be have to swatch it if you guys were interested!  The formula was fantastic, the flakes went on evenly, I didn't have to fish them out.  I highly recommend this brand if you can get it.  They have a site up (in portuguese) but be warned, the shipping will be pricy.  If you live in North America, Llarowe might be your best option.


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of one of the Nfu Oh flakies I have...can't remember the number though. I adore the combination of red jelly/orange flakes. Looks like fire!

    1. Gracias, I've been meaning to try out Nfu-Oh, just haven't gotten around to them. I wish they had names instead of numbers, haha.

    2. Yeah, me too- they'd be A LOT easier to remember.

  2. Wow, such a fiery colour I love it! Also can't wait for The Hunger Games to come out, I'm a big fan of the books!


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