Jalapeño Margarita featuring Tanteo Tequila

   It feels like lately I've been on a tequila/margarita kick.  Which is totally out of my character.  I usually am not prone to hangovers, but when i do have one, 9 times out of 10, tequila is the culprit.  As far as I am concerned, tequila and I are frenemies.  We party together but boy does she back-stab me in the morning!

   I decided to try out a Jalapeño Margarita at the The Heights Bar and Grill on the Upper West Side.  I asked for mine's on the rocks, no salt (sacrilege, I know).  It was made using Tanteo Tequila, which is a premium silver tequila.  It's 100% agave, and is macerated in fresh jalapeños.  The margarita had a really nice balance between spicy and citrus.  It wasn't overtly spicy nor super sweet.  I like the kick Tanteo gave the cocktail.  Normally I'm a big fan of muddled drinks (caipirinha, I'm looking at you!), however I think if fresh jalapeños had been incorporated, it may have been too spicy*.  The flavored  tequila provided heat without tasting
artificial, the way some flavored spirits can.  By the way, this drink was served in a pint glass, so you definitely get your money's worth!  Hence, I did not need any type of fancy presentation, haha.  Sorry for the cellphone pic, I didn't want to bust out the camera and have a photo shoot at the bar.

   All in all, I'm a big fan of Tanteo.  It goes down extremely smooth, doesn't taste harsh or fake.  It's also available in 3 flavors : Jalapeño, Cocoa, and Tropical.  I highly recommend trying all of their flavors.

 *But it may be a great riff on the traditional Bloody Mary (Bloody Maria?) to use this spirit and fresh jalapeños.


  1. Tequila is the same way with me! When I drink I never get hangovers unless I partied with tequila. We have a love/hate relationship as well :P

    1. I don't now what it is about tequila that does that to me! I want to claim that it's a sensitivity to agave, but I use agave syrup and am fine. So that excuse is obviously a fail, haha.

  2. sounds great! xx

    1. thanks! It was delicious, if you get a chance to try an infused tequila, I highly recommend it!


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