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You can see Mr. R standing in the background, haha.

This is a combined haul since they were all sold in different stores. The first two on the left, I purchased from Urban Outfitters.  The two in the middle are from Ricky's and the last two I purchased from Icing in Florida.  As you can see, I have a deep love (or obsession) for GLITTER...  

First let's start with NYX Girls in Dynamic Glitter.  It consists of small silver and holographic hex glitter in a sheer pink base.  At fist I thought I wasn't going to like it since the base was so sheer, but it changed my mind.  This is more of a layering polish, however if you wear it on it's own, it has a lovely delicate feel to it.  I was wearing two coats in the pic above.  I feel if I layered this polish on top of a baby pink, it would look like a dupe for Revlon's Starry Pink.
Another close-up of Dynamic Glitter

Here is Red Planet by the Urban Outfitters private brand.  I love the bottle shape, reminds me of an ice cube. This color did give me some problems to photograph.  I don't under stand why it's called Red Planet when it's a PINK color.  A pretty, glass fleck pink but PINK nonetheless...  It went on smoothly in 2 coats, good formula.  

 In the bottle it has a slight orange duochrome around the edges.  However this is totally lost on the nails.  It is super glowy, I can't wait to wear this as a pedicure!

You can hopefully see more of the glass-fleck...

 Another polish that gave me griedf to photograph : Mattese Elite Nail Polish in Je TÁime, from the Me Amour collection.  I've been wearing Mattese Elite for a pretty long time already so I'm glad to see them get some love on the internets!  J T'Aime is iridescent blue and golden glitter in small and medium hex.  I was satisfied with how it looked with two coats, but I can't wait to use it over black.  The formula was a little thick , standard for a glitter polish.

a blurry photo so you can see how iridescent it is!

Another polish from the Me Amour collection is Amour De Ma Vie, shown above.  At first glance, it seems to be a dupe for Butter London's The Black Knight, but there are a few differences.  The Black Knight has more vibrant glitter (teal, hot pink, red), whereas Amour De Ma Vie has mainly silver, light blue and red glitter.  It was totally opaque in 2 coats, which is great.  I would definitely recommend using a top coat since it dries gritty.  I loved how chockful of glitter this way, no fishing over here!

When I first saw The Golden Age of Glitter, I just thought it was golden green glitter in a black base.  I was totally wrong, its gold and black glitter in a clear base.  I consider it to be a happy mistake because I think it hold more layering possibilities than if the base was pigmented.

 For swatching purposes, I only used two coats, it would benefit from a third.  While you can use a black base, I wouldn't because all the black glitter would be lost.  I definitely want to try this over a gold polish.

Last but not least, I've got Icing's After Party to show you.  This may be my favorite polish of all six.  It's a clear base full of irregular multi-colored glitter.  This one is definitely made for layering,  I used 2 coats in the photo below and it's nowhere near opaque.

 After Party contains orange, light blue, light pink, lavender, gold and silver flake glitter, basically all pastel shades.  I wore this over this over black (post coming up later) and it felt like I was wearing crushed up jewels on my nails.  Looks great over black but I can see it looking awesome over other jewel toned shades. If you can get your hands on this polish, please do!

All in all, I was super happy with all my purchases, especially After Party and Je T'Aime.  Both Je T'Aime and Amour De Ma Vie are rather similar to Butter London's The Black Knight and Tart With a Heart, but with a much lower price tag ($5.99 each) and great formulas. I purchased these in store but they are also sold online.  The other four polishes were also purchased in store but I wasn't able to find them online, so good like finding them!  NYX Girls Dynamic Glitter can be found at online at Cherry Culture if you can't find it at Urban Outfitters.


  1. I really like After Party- really cool looking glitter particles. Something different from the usual multicoloured glitter look-alikes.

    1. My thoughts exactly, I love how it uses pastels instead bright colors! I'm playing around with idea of layering it with a jelly.

  2. All though there are nice glitters (I'm a bit glitter-numb at the moment), I really like the sorbet feeling in the Red Planet. Oh yes the bottle, I agree, it's like the new 15 ml ones from Glitter Gal..

    1. Red Planet is super pretty in person, the photo doesn't really catch the the slight duochrome. It's the second UO (Urban Outfitters) polish that I've tried, I've pleased with the quality thus far.

  3. Nice haul! So many pretty colors! I especially like the pink one! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you! It was hard picking a favorite...

  4. I love glitters, every glitter has a purpose.


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