Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

The last time I ordered from Sephora, there was a code available to receive a sample of Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.  Who am I to turn down a free sample?  Especially since I had heard so much about BB cream (BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm), I just had to try it.  I purchased a whole bunch of little goodies, but that's for a later post.  

To be honest, my skincare routine is pretty simple.  If I remember, I use a primer (usually NYX photo ready primer), dab some concealer if necessary, then I dust my face with some powder, and go about my day.  In the summer, I tend to switch it up and go with a tinted moisturizer with SPF (trying to avoid wrinkles, people!)  So the BB creams seems to be right up my alley.

The sample came in a small 1.25 oz tube, perfect to stow in my purse.   I've included a shot below, so you can see how small it is. 
perfect for traveling with.

 I tested it out on my hand before putting it on my face.  As you can see, it is a smidge lighter than my skin. 

testing it out on my hand
And here you can see how it looks after I've blended it in.
after blending it in
Sorry for that scary looking pic of my face! I dabbed a bit of it on my cheeks, using my fingertips.
Trying it out on my face

after blending it in
Here is the BB cream completely blended in. As you can see, it matched my skin pretty dead on. I didn't feel the need to apply powder over it or concealer. My thoughts: I really liked how it made my skin feel. I felt like my skin looked extra glowy, kinda like how your skin looks after a great facial. It left my skin feeling super soft, not sticky like a lotion might. I got my sample in the ”light” color, which worked out for my pale winter skin. I would probably need another color once summer rolled around. Also if you have super dry skin, you might want to apply extra moisturizer before applying this product so that it blends in completely. Would I purchase this on my own? I'm not sure. Honestly, the $35 price tag is a bit of a deterrent (I tend to be more of a drugstore gal due to my finances). I do really like how this made my skin feel, so I may have to invest in a tube. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for new BB creams on the market! Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF35 can be purchased for $35 at


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