Nail of the Day

 Here's what my current manicure looks like:
I've decided to play around with some glitter... Oh, who am I kidding? I loves me some glitter!  I'm currently obsessed with laying sheer polish with glitter aka the cupcake manicure (according to my coworkers).  Everyone kept thinking these were nail decals, hahaha. 

This manicure was done with a coat of Essie Marshmallow (milky white awesomeness) and Wet n Wild Tangled in  My Web (limited edition black glitter). I then went with a super thin layer of  Marshmallow followed by Tangled in My Web.  I proceeded to add Tangled in My Web to my tips, trying to go for a gradient effect.  I finally finished it off with Poshe (my fave top coat).  I've included a close-up pic as well.  Sorry about the rough cuticles!  Winter + too much hand sanitizer (thanks to my job)+ being bad about moisturizing = sad cuticles
My thoughts:  Can I share a secret? This is Day 3 of my mani, barely any tip wear! I really like how the black glitter isn't shiny, and how it looks embedded in the white polish as.  However, I think I have to thin out my bottle of TiMW, the clear base is way too this, I ended up having to dab it on my nail. 

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