Mani of the Day: Impala Na Mira 3D Accent

Here is a pic of my current mani: I'm wearing China Glaze Wagon Trail (dark, shimmery olive-y goodness)  and as an accent on my thumbs and ring fingers, I've got Impala (a Brazilian brand)  I am totally in love with the Impala polish! I was lucky enough to spend August in Brazil with my  hubby's family, and even luckier to score some awesome polish.

I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how amazing this polish is.  At first I thought it was my answer to a black linear holo, but it looks more like a mix between a linear and scattered holo.   Also, once I applied it, I saw that not only is it holographic, it also has an awesome, camera-shy pink flash to it.  It looks to be on the sheer side, but I've only worn it layered over dark colors (I'm scared of it finishing!) I should've purchased a back-up bottle, but ya know hindsight being 20/20 and all... Here is a close up of it on my thumb.

I've also included a bottle shot as well.  I know that several Brazilian brands are being offered on Llarowe , but unfortunately Impala is not one of them.  Boy, did I clean up shop in Brazil!  I also picked up two different flaky polishes from Impala as well a good amount from the Speciallita HITS collection (flakies in a colored base). If only the HITS MariMoon and the HITS No Olimpo had been out when I was in Porto Alegre...

My opinion: Na Mira 3D applied a little thin on the first coat but was good in two coats.  I can't speak for the drying time since I always use Poshé quick dry top coat.  It dries smooth and removal is not difficult.  If you can get it, I highly recommend it!

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