Hump Day

Just wanted to get the ball rolling on posting, hahaha.  As for the title of the post, I thought I’d talk about sexy times stuff, it being ”Hump Day” and all.  Why do I feel qualified to yap about this kinda stuff?  Well for starters, I love doing research on stuff (my nickname is  little wikipedia, charming, no?).  Second, I’ve worked as a sex educator for the Pleasure Chest for the better part of four years.  Along the way, I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge (and sex toys).
Here’s a quick little photo to tide you over til next time.  Definitely one of the best condom wrappers I’ve come across…
This witty little number comes courtesy of One Condoms , probably one of the best condoms out on the market. They’re super thin, strong AAAND go on clear. I personally hate that latex glove look that other condoms have. They’re great to use as a barrier method or over latex/porous toys. Definitively check them out, they’ve got an awesome selection. One condoms come in these awesome metal containers as well. If all of that was not enough to convince you, they also donates a portion of proceeds to HIV research. Consider it your good deed of the day….


  1. That's wicked cute. I have a bunch of those which I sadly can't use. The SO finds them uncomfortable.

    1. That particular brand? They have a huge variety, and are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than trojan, durex, etc. Sometimes finding the right condom can be like finding the holy grail.


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