Better Late Than Never: National Margarita Day

Proof of the night's debauchery...

In case you didn't know, this past Wednesday was National Margarita Day.  In my world, this is a very important holiday.  So naturally I celebrated by going to have a margarita with a friend, which really meant having a pitcher of margaritas.  Since my friend had never tried the amazing cocktails at Macondo , I just had to take her there. They had an awesome special which was $25 for a pitcher of margaritas.  I'm not talking about a half-ass carafe, it was a huge pitcher.  So in retrospect, sharing a pitcher between two people may not have been the best idea...

But on to the drinks...  We decided to go with the traditional margarita which tasted fantastic.  It wasn't too tart, too sweet but definitely went down way too fast..  Before I knew it, our pitcher was down to a few drops.   The only proof that it had existed were the lipstick prints on my rocks glass (Mattese lipstick in Porn Star, in case you were curious)

Tamarindo and Tequila
At that point, I thought it was a good time to introduce one of my favorite drinks there, the Tamarindo and Tequila. Here is the official description of the cocktail, " tamarindo, Sauza Hornitos Reposado, pineapple, d'aristi xtabentu, ginger liqueur and pasilla salt."  My official description: DELICIOUS!  I am not one for complicated cocktails with a myriad of ingredients, however all the ingredients balance and complement each other.  Upon the first taste, I tasted cinnamon and chile (from the rim).  I love the taste of spicy and sweet so the combination of tamarindo and chile seems natural to me (if you don't believe me, hit up a Mexican grocery store and count how many sweets contain chile powder.  Go ahead, I'm waiting.)   Also the juice was sweet but not cloying, a little sour as well. I feel like a reposado tequila was a  good choice to pair with the tamarindo juice, it tasted mellow A silver tequila would've been a bit harsh for this drink.  The cocktail benefited from the addition of d'aristi xtabentu (a Mayan honeyed liqueur) and the kick from the ginger liqueur as well. 
All in all, I highly recommend this drink or any other cocktails from the Macondo menu.  The ingredients always taste fresh, the presentation is great,  and you can't beat the selection from their dining menu!


  1. I could so use one right now!!! and look who's blogging :)))

  2. let me know whenever you want to go :)

  3. Liquor, Lipstick and Lube? Hahaha, I like your style! And I absolutely want to try the second drink- it sounds (and looks) like liquid awesome.

    1. Thanks!I figured I'd write what i know about, hahaha. Trust me, that margarita was delicious. If you get a chance try tamarind juice as a mixer. It's tropical without going that pineapple/mango/passion fruit route, which I love but feels a bit overdone.


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